Upcoming “July Fun” Activities


It has been awhile since I have done a post and first let me say I am sorry for that; I have been so busy with upcoming summer preschool program and the start of my vacation soon that I have just not had enough hours in a day. I did want to post today and let everyone know that starting in July I will be posting our preschool ‘fun in the sun’ activities everyday. For the crafts there will be tutorials on how to make them and links for any templates that I might use 🙂

Also I will be starting a reading corner on this site for anyone who would love for their children or preschoolers to hear safe readalongs. I used to have my preschoolers follow along with readalongs on youtube for a fun switch when they had grown tired of me reading to them 😉 I found this way to be not so reliable at times due to some videos being more for adults but geared towards childrens books. So with that in mind, I decided to make my own videos for children’s storytime in hopes that they will be fun to hear and engage children. This will start in July as well 🙂

So many exciting changes are taking shape and I look forward to sharing each one of them with you.

Have a wonderful week and a safe/fun summer 🙂


You Can Do It!!!!!

So I had some time this week to get back on the computer and work my magic with the keyboard. Since opening my preschool I have had a lot of questions from family and friends about the look/layout of my preschool. I don’t think it would have been an issue but peoples’ curiosity was up due to the fact that I have a small apartment (basement style). And many people think of basement style cringing with what it might look like so I decided to write this blog to show people that small spaces can be achieved for preschool rooms. I have even found the space to be relaxing because children can not run through the area. Blessings to my ears:)

So without further ado here is my quick tutorial of how a small space can be a wonderful classroom—–

I struggled for a while with room arrangement. I needed it to look kid friendly but also like a learning center for parents. But how to squeeze 6 or 7 centers into a small living room space. I decided to not label the centers like you would in a pre-k class with a child care center or school district instead I found that the sky was the limit since I am a private pre-k. I made my brick area, which was around my entertainment center, into my reading nooks. I made a small car, lego, tool bench and animal area all in one, which did look nice after my initial “seriously what am I thinking” reaction. My dramatic play went into a corner area with a tent, kitchen set, and dress up clothes hanging on a coat rack within child’s reach. On the far side of my living room away from the nice size window I have I made small/large manipulative area, art, and music all in one. Below are some pictures to help you visualize my ideas:







Oh and I should mention that off to the side of my one reading nook the blue and green bucket has beans in it for the kids free play sensory area. As you can see in the pictures, I have used small furniture in order to give the room a larger feel to it. Ikea has these wonderfully small tables that I used in making this setup be at the child level.

My next hurtle was where they would eat and I have a very small dining room that feels more like a closet than a dining area. So what was the next logical step for us—- throw out the dining table and make the space into a welcoming area for the parents and a eating area for the children. My cubbies for children are located by the entrance in a nice corner area, along with the small child friendly level coat rack. on the other side I put a little sitting area using 2 of my living room chairs and my lovely plant that I have not killed yet. This area could be for a parent signing up or waiting for child to get their belongings at the end of the day. At the opposite corner of this area I set up a parent corner for menu, daily schedule, and weekly lesson plan. Right beside the parent corner I have placed rolled up beach mats for them to nap on. These are wonderful and can be found at Sam’s Club. My kids love them and they sleep on them really well. Plus the mats have a built in head rest which is a bonus for my kids.





Please forgive me for not showing the mat area but honestly I have not found a nice storage system for them yet. When I do I will definitely update everyone on what I found.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour and explanation of area space for a small (preschool) house setup. And I look forward to comments if any of this information helped you in setting up a small class or play area in your own home. I am posting one last picture on a child’s level because I just absolutely love the shot but outdoor space will be on a future blog…. until next time:)