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Hello to all….

I want to take a minute to introduce you to the brain behind this blog. I am a full time educator and mother to a wonderful pack of kids. I reside in a small home in Utah with my loving husband and children. We have found ourselves in a different point in our lives with most of our children out of the home and having a smaller family unit now. I guess that is why we decided to open our doors allowing more kiddos to invade our home/ lives. I am an animal lover but sadly no pets since I fell in love with a non animal lover:( That was tricky for me at first but hey love conquers all and no pets is not something I would call tragic. I love to write but since my punctation is not what it should be I have hesitated to let anyone besides a three year old read my work. I am hoping that through this blog I can strengthen either my punctuation or have people enjoying my way of writing:) Either way I am eager to start this blog off right……..

Mrs. April



4 thoughts on “About the Author

    • Thank you for following back😊 I hope to grow this blog in order to help people either start a preschool, preschool from home, or just spend sometime doing fun activities with preschool aged children. Hope you enjoy my blogs and can not wait to read more of yours.


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