What is in Your Cleaners……

So it has been a little while since I have been on but I have had a crazy preschool schedule…..when is summer? Anyway I wanted to touch base on something that I found out while researching cleaners in August for my in-home preschool. I always hated bleach, clorox, and piney cleaners. The smells make me nauseous and my skin terribly itchy. While researching I was appalled to find out that the government does not regulate these essential items that we have in our homes and Lysol is the worse with ingredients leading to cancer..Yikes!!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6m1dvJFzig&feature=youtu.be) Just like many people, I felt like the government would have companies uphold higher/safer standards but unfortunately that is not the case. Now this is not an attack on government but it did worry me at what to use in my home and around the kids that would be here. Thankfully I found a company that does make safer cleaners and all around safer products for the home. I have never been so happy with a scrubbing cleaner like I am now..I can honestly say when the company guarantees no scrubbing required they mean it and now I smile, spray, and wash away the grime….knocked my cleaning time down to 20 seconds..HOORAY!!!! Many people have asked me if it kills the common cold germs and my answer is this…I have had no preschool illnesses to date so I feel safe in answering yes it does. Be proactive and find out what you are using around your loved ones…you might be surprised…… Here is another interesting link about two cleaners that children should stay away from altogether… they have been known to cause delays….. www.deseretnews.com/article/865617835/Study-finds-association-between-everyday-chemicals-and-your-childs-IQ.html


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